Storm Water Design

Stormwater design experts providing environmental & ecological solutions for residential & commercial developments, helping improve the quality of New Zealand's rivers & lakes.

We provide a full stormwater design and site testing service for all stormwater that both does and does not connect to the council stormwater system.
Our stormwater drainage design and modelling services include:

  • Stormwater Detention,
  • Stormwater Retention
  • Stormwater Soakage Trenches.
  • Other stormwater systems.

We combine sound engineering methods and practical experience to design Stormwater Management Systems that are effective, cost conscious and environmentally sensitive.

We can assist with new developments and also existing developments where the stormwater runoff cannot be connected to the council system and an engineered design is required by the local council.

Phoenix Consultants have years of experience in the design and recommendations for all of your Stormwater design and implementation.

Storm Water Soakage Trench

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